Every year, the stock market generates millionaire/billionaires daily through initial public offering or IPO. $46.8 Billion flooded the IPO markets last year, with 191 companies having their market debuts in 2018 beating 2017 by 31. As of 3/4/2019, the markets have had 11 companies raise a total of $1.2 Billion which has a long way to go if it wants to beat the prior year amount. As one of the most anticipated IPO to hit the markets in 2019, LYFT filed its S-1 IPO filing on 3/1/2019 revealing its massive loss of nearly $1 Billion.

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Salesforce (CRM) carried on with its tradition of beating expectations and raising future forecasts in its most recent quarterly results. This provides concrete evidence to investors that management’s long-term forecasts of FY22 revenue are likely to be met. Not only did the company confirm its FY22 goals, but they gave more detail on expectations for FY20 that indicates a 20-21% revenue growth rate which is above expectations of 19% YoY.

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