Do you ever notice when our president sends out a tweet and the markets spike/drop almost instantly, or within seconds of news going public, millions of shares are being traded based off what was said or done? Are investors staring at twitter 247 ready to hit buy or sell? The answer, of course, is no, but algorithms programmed with NLP (natural language processing) scripts are. Sentiment analysis from tweets, social media postings, press releases, surveys, reviews, transcripts and many more occur millions of times every day.

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Salesforce (CRM) carried on with its tradition of beating expectations and raising future forecasts in its most recent quarterly results. This provides concrete evidence to investors that management’s long-term forecasts of FY22 revenue are likely to be met. Not only did the company confirm its FY22 goals, but they gave more detail on expectations for FY20 that indicates a 20-21% revenue growth rate which is above expectations of 19% YoY.

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Whenever Customer Relationship Management is the topic of discussion, it’s almost impossible not to see Salesforce mentioned as the pioneer and leader. Salesforce currently has the largest market share of the CRM segment and is expected to continue gaining market share. Before we dig into Salesforce specifically, let’s explore what exactly CRM is and the growth prospects. I want to cover some important factors that can affect Salesforce future cash flows instead of specific steps and calculations.

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